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There used to be a feature that would allow you to jump to the matching transaction in the transfer account. I'm not seeing that anywhere. Basically, it appears some of the linkage has been eliminated. I discovered this when I needed to go to the matching transfer in the transfer account because something did not appear right. I manually switched to that account and scrolled down to the matching transaction manually and even though my checking account showed payment made to the credit card account and the appropriate transfer, the credit card transaction had not updated to show the associated transfer. Under Preferences: Register I do have Allow creation of linked transfers using the category field. The option "Go To Matching Transfer" used to be on the Transaction main menu and on the right click popup menu.
Adding a new transfer transaction still creates the matching transaction and if you edit a downloaded transaction to the specific transfer account, it does still try to match a transaction in the transfer account before adding it to the transaction to the account.


  • RickO
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    To jump to the other end of a transfer, you will need to display the Transfer column in the register (menu View > Columns). With the Transfer column displayed, you'll see a small white arrow in a black circle at the right edge of this column. Clicking that will open a new window with the other end of the transfer selected.
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    @JKLines70  There is an Idea thread on this forum to request that jumping to the other side of a transfer be added as either a keyboard shortcut (Quicken Mac 2007 used "["), or as an option in the menu when you right-click a transaction (Quicken Windows has such an option), or ideally both. Take a moment to add your request by going to this thread; scroll until you see the blue box under the first post, and click the little gray arrow under the counter box to register your vote. The more votes an iIdea gets, the more likely it is for the developers to implement it, and the higher it will be on their priority list. 
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