What form to use to summarize gains and loses for investments.

Barbara O'Keeffe
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I have several mutual funds and the tax report will not summarize the total gains and loses for each fund. And I have tried to do just a summary of each account with gains and losses - can get it to do it. What damn report should I use?


  • jacobs
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    The Tax Report is the only report which shows gains and losses for a one-year period of time. For tax purposes, don't you just need the total (not broken down by fund)?

    I may not be the best to respond to your question because for my taxes, I always use the data from the Form 1099s from my investment brokers rather than the Quicken values. (Quicken doesn't support average cost basis, which is how my mutual funds are calculated, so Quicken's values will never be right for me.)
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