Where is my "online bill" option? Trying to add a bill.

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Am following the directions here, which indicate there should be an option to add an "online bill" when I click add. I don't see it -- my only options are "Find from Transactions" and "Add Manually." Anyone know why? TIA



  • splasher
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    Which edition of Quicken do you have?  Starter, Deluxe, Premier or H&B
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  • dori123
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  • UKR
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    In the link you provided, did you follow the five steps for getting started with Bill Manager for Windows?
    Where exactly do you get stuck? If it's in Step 2 ... you need to have set up your first Online Bill before you can proceed.
  • dori123
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    Yes, followed all the steps.
    Ended up being a problem with the Menu. If you click "Classic Menu" then it appears.
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