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  • Help, that's my problem, too. Only my issue started 12/24/2020 and appeared to be connected to an update I recall allowing at that time. I am using Q for business accounting and my accounts are classified business accounts by BOA. Well, according to BOA business accounts MUST use QuickBooks to obtain assistance from BOA. I say "Quicken not QuickBooks" to the bank representative and the hearing aid is immediately shut off. I suspect my account was flipped (in Quicken) to Direct Connect, but I have no userID/password for DC access. Attempts to add new accounts under EWC yield a CC-501 error and when adding those same accounts under DC give me a userID/PW error.

    I only want my connection method reset back to EWC. Something BOA claims to be able to do, but I have spent hours trying to convince BOA reps of that.

    "Not QuickBooks - can you speak up please, I can't hear you."

    I'm frustrated.
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    Hello @eeandersen

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community to post your question, although I apologize for any frustration that you have experienced so far.

    A "501"  can have several causes that will require contact to Quicken support for a review of the logs to determine the error. This error may also require an escalation to resolve.

    Support has the necessary tools to resolve this issue that the Community does not.

    Let us know how it goes!

    -Quicken Tyka

  • The link you give takes me to a page that says "Talk to Support" but when I click on that link, it just changes color and nothing happens....

    I have a ticket number: (I'm not going to report it here) and I have have had several extended conversations, but no resolution. The first call ended with the Tech asking me to take it up with the bank and the bank explained that if I am able to use the userID and PW to navigate my account, online through the bank site, Quicken should have access. So I called Q tech support again, but this call ended with a telephone line disconnect. I will try again.

    It seems to me that the aggregator that Q uses, that stores encrypted information for retrieval, needs to have this particular account reset. It is a linked account that ties a number of other accounts into one.
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