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How can I add an account category or grouping to the sidebar?

I would like to group all my 529 investments in a single category in the sidebar so that I can track all of those together. Would name the category "Education" and then would need to know how to move the 529 accounts into that category.


  • jacobs
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    edited January 2021
    At this time, there is no way to configure the left sidebar categories or groupings.

    I would assume all your 529 investments are codes as the same type of account, so if they're in the same account grouping (e.g. "Brokerage") as assigned by Quicken, you can control the order a bit by tweaking the names of the accounts here. For instance, I add numeric prefixes in some of my groups to put them in the order I want rather than alphabetically:

       1-XYZ Checking
       2-Cash (self)
       3-Cash (wife)
       5-DEF Visa
       6-ABC Visa
       7-XYZ Amex

    Here's the good news/bad news looking forward…

    The Bad News is that you can't create your own account groups or decide which accounts to put where.

    The Good News is that there's a longstanding Idea thread asking for this to be enhanced, and the developers have marked it as a "Planned" upcoming feature.

    The Bad News is that is was marked Planned 21 months ago, and the feature still doesn't exist -- and we have no idea when it will.


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    Thanks for the feedback!
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