Transfer Quicken Windows to Mac: foreign currency, attachment and investment

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Hello! I'm considering switching from Quicken Windows subscription to Quicken for Mac. Before purchasing I have following questions:
1. Will my foreign currency accounts and transactions between them convert correctly?
2. Will my transaction attachments convert correctly?
3. Will my 401k and investment account convert correctly?

Any other pitfalls I should consider?


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    Quicken Mac has only partial support for multiple currencies, less than Quicken Windows. If you do a lot of work in Quicken in multiple currencies, there's a good chance you will find the current Quicken Mac will not meet your needs.

    There are many posts about this here on this forum if you do a search for mac multi-currency. Here are a few links: here and here and here. There are more if you're seeking more details.

    The last of those is an "idea" topic where nearly 400 users have voted for the enhancement request to provide true multi-currency support in Quicken Mac. The good news is that is marked as planned, meaning the developers have said this is definitively on their roadmap for future release. The bad news is that we have no idea when this functionality will come; it could be this spring or sometime next year, we just don't know.

    On your second question, strike two I'm afraid. Attachments do not convert between Quicken Windows and Quicken Mac.

    On the third question, we have a winner! Your investment accounts should convert correctly. (There are some caveats if you have BuyX/Sell/X/DivX transactions, which may not convert correctly.)

    Many people have made the jump from Quicken Windows to Quicken Mac. Some find Quicken Mac suits their needs well and are happy with it; some find it's not as robust as Quicken Windows but is good enough to meet their needs; some find missing functionality to be showstopper issues. We all use Quicken differently, so there's no way for anyone here to tell you if you'll find it workable for your needs or not. If you have an existing Quicken subscription, you can download the Quicken Mac application at no extra charge -- and trying it for yourself is really the best way to assess whether it can meet your needs or not.
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