Matching split transactions?

I haven't found anything in the help files about how Quicken transaction downloads match to splits already recorded in the register. Does the program have a way to match a downloaded transaction to a corresponding amount in a split line ?


  • splasher
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    No.  Quicken will only match to the net amount of a transaction.
    What are you doing that you need to match a downloaded transaction to a split line portion of a transaction's net amount?
    Maybe we can give you a better/alternative way of doing it.

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  • docfiddle
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    Thank you. Your answer helps me choose the alternative to what I was doing. I had added a principal amount to an existing mortgage bill reminder. The difficulty is that the actual payments from checking to mortgage don't provide for extra principal, which has to be transferred separately (the lender treats any overage amounts in the monthly payment as advances on P&I, not just credit to principal alone). The separate payment therefore shows up in the downloaded transactions. My guess is that I'll just go with the alternative, which is to remove the extra principal line from the split and enter these transactions individually so that they match on the download.
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