Not possible to rollover Budget categories from 2020 to 2021?

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I turned on rollover in certain of my budget categories in Dec 2020 but it doesn't seem to rollover to Jan 2021. True? Thanks


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    When we push a budget to another year, we do have the option to maintain the budgeted values.

    To receive the options when creating the 2021 budgets, exit Quicken, set the system clock back to 2020 and open the Quicken file without the 2021 budgets.  You should open each 2020 budget and scroll them into 2021 to receive the Add a Budget for 2021 options.  After you've added your 2021 budget, exit Quicken and set the system clock forward to 2021.
  • chefjoanne
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    Thank you....I believe I found an easy way to adjust chosen categories to carry over from Dec 2020 to Jan 2021.
    In the budget graph. Switch to Monthly view so you can make adjustments.
    Click on the amount in the column called "Budget Status". It will turn blue and will allow you to Edit Rollover from last month. Which is December 2020, now that we're in January 2021.
    This is important to me because in November/December 2020, I bought a LOT of Christmas gifts, many of which I planned to return. My "Gifts" category was showing as way over budget in December. When the returns hit my credit card in January 2021, this category was showing way under. This way it balances out to a true spent amount.
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