Inputting checking account into Quicken

I am new to Quicken and running Version R30.21. When Quicken downloaded my account from the bank, it only picked up the last 3 months of transactions. How do I get it to download the full account? I have tried changing the length of time viewed; but, that does not help.


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    Hi @papajoe41,

    The past three months of transactions (or 90 days) are typically what most banks make available via download, but there are exceptions, so you should check with your bank.  Another way to obtain transactions further back in time - that some banks allow - would be to download a file (usually a .QFX file)of older transactions and then import that into Quicken. You may be able to get a few years of data this way, so check with your bank to determine if they make this available.

    Let me know if you have any followups.


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    Just to clarify - it's totally up to your bank,
    and not Quicken - as to what is made avail for downloading...

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