Transaction Flags are lit, but no new Transactions

Hey all, my first topic here, so I hope I get some help. Recently, I was in the process of my morning Transaction downloads from my various banking inst. when my PC crashed during the download. I of course cursed and waited for the pc to regain its' senses. once it had, I restarted Quicken (2020, Version R30.21, Build, and noticed that all of my normal accounts had added transactions. However, upon opening them, several had no transactions, but the red transaction flags were lit, and there is nothing i can do to get them to go away. In fact for my main checking account, I have since had other transactions download, I have cleared them and STILL the pesky little flag remains. The same exists for several of my investment accounts as well.

So, my new-found friends, is there a solution to this that you can aim me towards? I have sent this in as a bug to Quicken, as yet, no response.

Thanks all!



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