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Adding Phantom Chase Account

For about a week, whenever I do an update, Quicken stops in the middle and displays the "Add Account" window for Chase Bank. Odd, in that I have no currently open Chase accounts in Quicken (I do have multiple closed accounts). I can cancel to close the window and continue, but it means the update won't complete without my manual intervention. I do have active Chase login ids online but no active accounts in them. I've tried going through the process of adding matching Quicken accounts, but no matter how many I add, it still wants to add more.


  • splasher
    splasher SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Are you using QMobile or Q-Web?
    Have you ever let Quicken create the account and see if it is related to one of the older, closed accounts?  You could do an update after a backup to see what happens and then do a restore to get rid any changes that were made.

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  • jensenrm55
    jensenrm55 Member ✭✭
    Yeah, I did that. I let it create the accounts. I had an existing Chase login and my wife had another. I created two accounts and it still wanted to create another next time I updated. Chase is not even listed in my One Step Update Settings list so I don't know why it's even going there
  • jensenrm55
    jensenrm55 Member ✭✭
    Update just in case anybody else followed this. Problem solved. I had many old, closed Chase accounts. Opened Account List and displayed Hidden Accounts. For every Chase account, I edited it and removed "Chase" from the Financial Institution box. Once the were all gone, update ran without interruption. Can't explain why this worked, or why it suddenly popped up as a problem. I haven't opened or closed a Chase account in a long time
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