What is Quicken PDF Printer?

The Keeper
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Hope this is posted in the correct forum. As a 20+ year user of Quicken, I have often wondered why this appears on my computer under devices and printers.

  • What is Quicken PDF Printer?
  • When and why would I use it since I can print reports on my regular printer?
  • Why is called a Printer when it doesn't print anything? (The icon displays a printer with a PDF document being ejected)


  • GeoffG
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    Instead of printing to paper, Q PDF Printer creates a PDF file instead. There are numerous advantages to using PDF over print out, but the choice is yours. If you decide to go the PDF route, Microsoft PDF (standard install in Windows 10) is a better alternative.
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    CutePDF, available for free from CutePDF.com, is also a better alternative.
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