Capital One New Card won't link to existing account

Good Day.... I have had a couple of Capital One accounts for years and when they issue a card with different number it typically just tells me there is a new card and allows me to link to an existing account.
This time the download errored out... I waited several days to see if it clears... no go...
I now have tried to reset the account, deactivate and reactivate. The best I get is a new account with 90 days of transactions. The new account is the same as the existing account that the card should be linked to.
Any help wpuld be appreciated.... like I said over the years I have never had a problem.... now something is different and I can't fix it.


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    Hi, @kenyk .  I am not sure what might have changed or not but you might want to try the following process to get your account linked up correctly:
    1. Back up your data file for quick recovery if you encounter a problem during this process.
    2. Delete the new account.
    3. If the old account is not deactivated already, deactivate it.
    4. Old account:  Remove all the Financial Institution information in the upper right quadrant of the General tab of Account Details.
    5. Go back to the Online Services tab of Account details, click on Set Up Now and follow the prompts.
    6. During this set up process, you will likely be asked by Quicken to decide what to do with the downloaded data.  Be sure to Link it to your account in Quicken.
    7. This process might enter transactions (up do 90 days?) into your register that are already in the account register.  These duplicate transactions will need to be manually deleted.  This will only happen this one time.
    8. Your old account in Quicken should now be linked to your new account number and should be current.
    Another option would be to move all the transactions from the old card account to the new card account.  To do this:
    1. Back up your data file in case something goes wrong.
    2. In the old account register:  Left click on the oldest transaction > scroll down to the most recent transaction and while holding down the shift key left click on it to shade all the transactions in the register >  right click anywhere on the shaded transactions and click on "Move Transaction(s)" > select the new account and click "OK".
    3. Once this process is completed, confirm that all the transactions have been moved, that any/all transfer categories were properly changed and that all account balances are correct. (There usually is not a problem with this move process but the more transactions that get moved, the greater the likelihood that something might have gone wrong.)
    4. Once you are convinced that the transactions move completed properly and all account balances are accurate, you can delete your old credit card account.
    5. The advantage of this process over the earlier mentioned one is that you will not need to activate the new account since it is already activated.
    6. The disadvantage of this process is that it can take longer to validate that all transactions were moved properly and any/all transfers were changed correctly.
    Let me know either of these fixed your issue.

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    Hi @kenyk, This is a long shot: I wonder if some 3rd party access needs to be re-enabled on C1's website for your NEW card (although I think it is done automatically).  Login to C1, then at the top right under your name select Security and see if you see an option for enable 3rd party access.  Mine shows "Linked Apps: Quicken".  I just don't recall if I had to do something to enable it or it was done automatically - hence a long shot as I wrote.
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    I was able to fix this by deactivating  online. change the account number to match the new account number ( last 4 digits ) and activating. 
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