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Hello, I am a long time quicken user (premier) and have recently taken over the treasurer role for the PTA at my kids school. The current record keeping is being done on spreadsheets and I'm researching other solutions. All I really need is transaction entering and budget capability so I know quicken will work. My question is what happens after I am no longer treasurer. Does quicken have the availability to be transferred from one person to another? I think the account could be in the name of the PTA, but I'm not sure how to make it seamless for when my term is up. If quicken is not the best solution, does anyone have other suggestions?


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    IMO, if you run Quicken on a computer that is only used for the PTA, you have a good setup.  Since 2014 when Quicken added registering the installation to a Quicken ID (Intuit Id originally), this sort of doing PTA like stuff on your personal copy of Quicken has problems written all over it.
    The PTA needs to purchase an inexpensive laptop for this purpose (maybe someone will donate one).

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