Automatically Enter Bills

I just moved from Quicken Windows to Quicken Mac and my income/bill reminders that were previously auto-entering into the register (for a regular monthly donation, for example) are no longer automatically entering. How do I edit them to auto-enter again?


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    Click on the most recent transaction from one such Payee, click on the Schedule button in the bottom toolbar, and select Schedule Selected Transaction from the pop-up menu. Unless this is an eBill, click on Other Bill or Income. On the transaction Details screen, you can refine any of the fields if necessary, click how you pay, then Next, and on the Schedule screen, select the frequency (such as monthly) and the next date. Repeat this set-up as needed for other recurring transactions.

    You can see these transactions in the Bills & Income tab, or in your register. In the register, just above the column heading on the right side, there's a small clock icon; click the arrow next to it to set whether you want to see scheduled transactions in the register and of so, how for in advance you want to see. (Note this setting is done per register, so you may need to set it in several registers for different credit cards, checking account, etc.)
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