.QFX file from bank download is not including all transactions

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Hi, I have downloaded .qfx files from my bank and then imported them. I then begin the reconcile process and MANY (probably 30-50) transactions that are on the statement from my bank are not in the Quicken register. All dates, any type and any status are selected as the view. I have created a scratch account and imported the same .qfx file and they are there. I am trying to figure a work around to copy the missing transactions from the scratch account to the main account but there is no way to seemingly copy only the selected transactions from one account to another. Any ideas? Or doe someone have a better idea about how to get the missing transactions to load into my main account? Thanks, Lang


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    I'm not sure I understand completely, but if you have both accounts in the same Quicken data file, then moving transactions between them is easy. As with many things on a Mac, when you Command-click on multiple items, you can built a selection of discontiguous items. So in Quicken, in the account which has all the transactions, you can go through doing Command-click on the ones you need to move into your older account. Then, simply click and drag over to the older account name in the left sidebar, and release your click -- all the transactions will move between accounts. (Because it's easy to mess up Command-clicking on lots of items, and on dragging, I'd suggest doing them in groups of 5-10 at a time. If you make a mistake, immediate Undo to restore things and try again.)

    Form your description, I'd open the old account in its own window (double-click it in the left sidebar). Position it somewhat off to the side, and then click on the new account in the main window. This way, you can see old and new side-by-side (or enough of them to know what's missing in the old account). Then do your shift-click to select several transactions in the new account register, and drag them to the old account in the left sidebar. You'll see them disappear from the new and show up in the old. Then scroll down a bit in both windows and continue until you've moved everything you need to. Then you can delete the temporary new account. 

    I'd suggest making a copy of your data file before you start, so if things get messed up, you can just go back and start over.
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    Thanks much Jacobs. Unfortunately, they are not in the same data file. That's why it wasn't working; now I know. I need to add the register somehow, to my other data file without importing into my checking account so that I can select the multiple transactions and drag them into that account on the sidebar. Will be looking up, how to do that. Thanks.
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    Spoke with tech support and trying to "rebuild" my file so that I don't have to try todo these workarounds.
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