Since latest Quicken update, my accounts are not loading new transactions

My accounts have not loaded any new transactions since 1/19/21, since my Quicken updated again.  I am also not getting a login request for a password since this update, if that has anything to do with it.  When I go into my accounts, the transactions are there, but they are not being loaded into Quicken.  I have had problems every time there is an update.  For the previous update, I had to log in and log out again from Quicken to get it to update transactions.  Some of the old errors, like Cloud update errors, are finally fixed, but there are always new issues cropping up. 


  • KenC315
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    I have just experienced a very similar problem. Yesterday, 1/21, everything was fine. Today at startup came in as an upgrade. My first activity was to download the .qfx files from my credit union.
    I download these files 1 at a time from accounts that have activity and they are passed to Quicken from my browser through Windows 10/64. The file name is ExportedTransactions.qfx and found in my user temp directory.
    Today the smoothness did not happen.
    While the OS passed the file to Quicken, Quicken decided it needed an update and went looking for Quicken.msi. It could not find it. My search could not find it on my computer or in the Raid 5 NAS directory where the data is stored.
    The qfx file is good. I was able to manually import it.
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    PamH said:
    My accounts have not loaded any new transactions since 1/19/21, since my Quicken updated again.
    What version .... Help --> About Quicken
    There are issues with .. R31.6 -

  • PamH
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    R31.5, and now it wants to update to R31.6.  Should I not update?
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    Hello @PamH

    Thank you for the question, do you update by downloading QFX files from the financial institution or do you update automatically?

    Currently, the issue in the above thread is regarding the import of QFX files, if you do not use this feature you may not be impacted by the reported issue.

    I hope this helps!

    -Quicken Tyka
  • PamH
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    I use automatic update. The new version yesterday seems to have fixed it. Thanks.
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