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When setting up budgets for different years, I understand that if I change the amount for a category in 2020 that is different from 2019 that quicken retains the amount for 2019. But, if I select certain categories for 2019, and save, then select some different ones in 2020, it seems to change the categories for 2019. Am I missing something?


  • jacobs
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    Are you using actual different budgets, or the same budget in different years?

    Within one budget, you can span multiple years, and changes you make to which categories are included therefore apply throughout that budget (e.g. in different years).

    If you have different budgets, they can have different categories. So you could make your 2019 budget the way you want it, then duplicate that budget to create a new one, and edit the categories in the new one. You can select which budget to view from the budget menu.
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  • pamela77
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    Yes, thank you. I see now that they must be done within different budgets.
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