Stock Options and Corporate Spinoff

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How does one update unvested stock option grants when there is a corporate spinoff? The Spinoff Wizard doesn't let you choose any of the "Stock Option" securities from the list...


  • Sherlock
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    I suggest you delete the first unvested lot of each grant and Quicken should automatically remove the others.  Then, you should use the Grant Employee Stock Option wizard to enter the reissued grants.

    Always save a backup of the Quicken file before making any significant changes: press Ctrl + B
  • Darren@
    Darren@ Member, Windows Beta Beta
    Sounds more like a workaround. :-)

    With 10+ grants (one every year), that's a lot of data entry to redo.
    Would be nice if Quicken just supported editing a grant or allowing an option to be chosen from the SpinOff Wizard...
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