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At the Beginning of Dec 2020 I used the Archive Investment Transactions feature for a bond account that is 16 years old and has a lot of transactions. Yes, it created the archive copy and removed all closed transactions up to that date. But it also created a negative cash balance in the account going forward. Apparently all interest, withdrawal and other cash events were not handled in the archive process. It seemed that only the purchase and sales of closed transactions were accounted for. I wound up with a negative 500,00 plus cash balance.
Has anyone tested this feature? Has anyone else had a similar problem.
I had to restore from a backup 3 weeks later when I performed my usual end of month reconciliation with the brokerage account.
I was unable to reconcile the archive account with the old account. Adjusting the cash did not work as the two accounts are linked and the cash adjustment affects the value of the account.
Quicken support recommended the cash adjustment when I called at the end of December.


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    Hello @larschnur

    Thank you for reaching out on the community and telling us about your issue. I do apologize for the issue you're having. If you wouldn't mind could we get a screenshot of the issue so that we're able to see what we can find something that we're able to see. I'll leave a link down below on how to screenshot.

    Note you may need to drag the photos into the response box in order to add them into the response.

    Once you get the chance let us know how it goes and we'll see what we can find.


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    I believe the problem occurred because the rtncap is not handled correctly in Quicken for FNMA and FHLMC bonds. Here are the screen shots from the archived files. file 3 is the completed file. files 4 and 5 are the archive file. Note the rtncap. There is no stop on the rtncap and these insruments ultimately show negative cost basis. I also think withdrawals are not handled correctly.
    I would like to see the programming design for this feature. If a lot of debit types have not been handled, then the cash balance position will be corrupted.
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    by the way I am not the person in your hello! katnahat?
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    I seem to have the same problem as @larschnur.

    4 or 5 months ago I archived my Fidelity retirement IRA (about 20 years of transactions) to improve performance. It seemed to work fine, performance improved, current account values were correct. Several months later I ran a saved Value and Cost Basis graph for the entire history of the account (2002 to Today) and found that the graph was badly corrupted by a huge negative cash value starting in 2003 and gradually decreasing until 2015 after which the graph appears correct. Looking around today I found that the corresponding negative cash values had been entered into my linked cash account where Quicken puts dividends and sales proceeds, and takes out purchases and cash withdrawals.

    To fix this it is much too late to restore from backup (too many transactions under the bridge). Is there any way to Un-Archive the archive account?

    I did find a workaround, go to the Value and Cost Basis graph settings, then to the Securities tab, and uncheck the first security - "No Security (includes cash)". The problem with this workaround is that for the values in the bar graph, the amount in the cash account is not included in the value amount. Since there is rarely more than a few percent of the total value in cash, just looking at the graph it's hard to see the difference and will do until someone at Quicken comes up with a fix.

    Windows 10, Quicken R44.27
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