USAA after Quicken for Mac 6.1 update

After updating to version 6.1 my USAA direct connections were prompting me to enter my PIN. Not remembering this PIN different than my standard USAA PIN my account got locked out which prevented me from logging in to the USAA website. I had to reset my website logon. Then I went back to Quicken and told it to update my checking account. I prompted me for a PIN again which of course failed. I decided to reset the Quicken connection to USAA. When the prompt to search for your bank it filled in the line with "zzz - USAA Federal Savings Bank" which it could not find. I changed the search to just USAA and it found "USAA Federal Saving Bank - New". On the next page I selected Direct Connection and the next page make sure to click the link in step 3 to take to the webpage that provides the unique USAA Access ID and PIN for Quicken. You should save this information to use for each USAA account that you are tracking in Quicken. I have to say it is disappointing that Quicken does not give you some warning when they change the connection.


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    Today I received HTTP=405 error code when attempting to download/update my USAA accounts. It would ask for my bank password and I would enter it, but would repeatedly get same error message.
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    EDIT  the announcement does have the Mac instructions too, I just missed them when I first looked.

    I was wondering when the Mac people were going to start posting on this.
    The announcement is "Windows centric", but it applies to Quicken Mac to since USAA changed the log in process, which is for both Quicken Windows and Quicken Mac.

    The main points are:

    • You need to deactivate your accounts.
    • You need to switch the financial institution name to "USAA Federal Saving Bank - New"
    • You need to request and use the new Access Code and Access PIN (be sure to record them I don't see anywhere you can see them after you use them).
    • Be sure to link your online accounts to the ones in Quicken properly.
    • In the windows thread there is a mention that for some people the account number have been changed by USAA so watch out for that.
    This is my website:
  • Unfortunately for me, the popup warning about the change was behind the main screen so I never saw it. Thanks for replying to my post. By the way, I called USAA when I encountered the error and they never mentioned the change.
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    My accounts updated after updating the sign in procedure. However, USAA changed the FITID numbers for the transactions and this caused it to download duplicates for 6 months worth of transactions. A total nightmare. This occurs even when I tell it to only download 2 days worth of transactions.
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    I haven't been able to get the "Access ID and PIN" because the link causes a 504 Gateway Timeout error code.  Tried logging in a separate browser window, but do not get window with access permission as shown in the instructions on the Quicken website.  The Quicken instructions are incomplete anyway and have errors.  Not hard to figure-out, but the quality control at Quicken is lame.

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    Yesterday Jan 28, I was able to follow the instructions in the above post to fix USAA account downloads. The configuration update appeared to go through without issue last night. This morning Jan 29, the reconfigured account downloads are throwing an error....

    Download Error (504)
    HTTP-504 Error from USAA Federal Savings Bank - New
    Last attempt: Today - 10:52
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    And now the error message is....

    Download Error (2000)
    Last attempt: Today - 10:52
    0 new transactions downloaded
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