CC-501 error is occurring with USAA

Because of the OL-220 error, I followed instructions of inactivating downloads for my USAA accounts and adding the accounts with "USAA-new." Now I am getting CC-501, which relates to an error with the Quicken server. Is there a fix for this? Thanks.


  • Chris_QPW
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    Any error that starts with CC- is for Express Web Connect. It sounds like you have changed your account(s) over to Express Web Connect, which have always been very unreliable at USAA.  And given all the change over in the login procedures and such they might be even more unreliable.

    You might see if you can go into the Account Details -> Online Services and see if there is a link for "Improved connection" which would be to switch to Direct Connect.

    Note this doesn't apply to downloading loan accounts, that is only supported on Express Web Connect and as such they have to stay with Express Web Connect.
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  • Elliott32224
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    Thank you so much! That finally fixed my problem (for now, at least).
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