Amcor moved all employee Vanguard accounts to Amcor Vanguard accounts at Empower Retirement

I have maintained our investment accounts in Quicken since 1998, and want to move the Vanguard accounts in Quicken to an Empower Retirement account in Quicken. Although the names of two of the accounts are similar, the ticker symbols and share prices are completely different, and a search for the new symbols in Quicken and Yahoo produces nothing.

Previous Fund Names/Tickers/Est. Share price|Empower Fund Names/Tickers/Est. Share price
V. Wellington Fund Admiral (VWENX) $76.05 >>> V. Target Retire Inc Trust I (VGTRIN) $62.75
V. Instit. Index Fund, Inst. (VINIX) $331.27 >>> V. Institutional Index CIT (VIICIT) $104.93
V. Total Bond Mket Index Inst (VBTIX) $11.54 >>> V. Total Bond Market Index (VTBCIT) $100.22

I have talked to Empower about their unusual ticker symbols, and they told me to talk to Quicken about it. I am able to download the .qfx transaction files, which give the number of shares and the prices. I'm assuming that the only way to get daily prices on Quicken is with the ticker symbols. I am at a loss as to what to do, other than enter the daily prices in myself.


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    Curious, because my wife previously had an Empower account (we closed it our last year) and the symbol and quote for Fidelity Mid-Cap stock  fund was identical.
    Since I also held Mid-Cap in my retirement account at Fidelity ... I didn't have your issue.
    Also, I the list that I have of funds available in my wife's account, NO Vanguard funds are listed ...  but perhaps that was a choice of her former employer and your's chose differently.
    I also notice that your former holdings were all Admiral  class and Institutional class  shares ...  and I suspect that your employer simply didn't choose to make those available in Empower.
    Lastly, ALL of the symbols that you list in Empower have 6 characters.  Fund symbols have 5 or fewer characters. And a search of Vanguard's web site didn't find ANY of those symbols

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    Thank you for your response.

    I spoke with an Empower Certified Financial Planner today, and he said the funds I now have in Empower are Collective Investment Trusts (CIT) and have a slightly lower cost. He gave me Cusip numbers for each fund and suggested I try them in lieu of the tickers in Quicken. I don't think they will work, but I'll give it a try.
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