Still getting CC-501 error from citicard - ETA for resolution?

I see that the CC-501 error was supposedly resolved on 1/26/2021. Still happening to me.


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    Citi manages a LOT of different credit cards for companies.  And as such to know if something is broken or fixed that information needs to be provided.

    On the other hand CC- errors mean that you are step for Express Web Connect, which has a lot of problems, but some cards can be setup with Direct Connect that works a lot better.  For instance Costco cards can.

    To setup for Direct Connect the first step would be to enable it at the CitiCard's website.

    Select the Person icon (Profile) -> More Settings -> Manage Desktop Apps

    If you can allow Quicken access that way your account should be able to be setup for Direct Connect.
    To setup for Direct Connect deactivate and change the financial institution to Citi Cards, not Citibank.  And go into the Advance options and select Direct Connect, and proceed from there.
    This is my website:
  • I have been getting the same issue with Citibank. CC-501 error for the last two days, resetting account does not help. Deleting online access and setting it back up does not help. Adding desktop app access in my Citibank account online does not help. Something at quicken is BROKEN.
  • Same here. Very frustrating. Ridiculous this has gone on for >1 month
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