Question and suggestion for the moderators....

In Alerts and Known Issues, I often see you saying "we are hearing about an issue" or "we are seeing an issue".... Where exactly are you hearing or seeing? Is it from the topics we start here with errors from institutions? Is it from reports sent from Quick itself from Report a Problem? Somewhere else?

I'm thinking perhaps we need a consistent and easy way to report an issue with financial institutions. Perhaps:

  • Institution?
  • Error code if any?
  • Banking transaction issue or Online Biller?
  • How long has the issue persisted?
  •  ________________________________________
Just for an example.And if there were a first page link to fill out a short form like this, perhaps it would be easier for us and for you to find out that there are issues that X number of users are experiencing.

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  • I cannot figure out how to ask a question. All I can do is search, and if the search finds nothing, there is NO NEXT STEP LINK to post the question!
  • Greg_the_Geek
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    Select a Category then a Sub-Category and Ask a Question.
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    yeah... the path might appear backwards....
    Instead of .... I want to ask a question - and it prompts with "where" -
    It requires you to know and go to the area to post your question
    and then click on the pulldown to "ask a question or discussion"

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  • Ps56k2
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    Bob. said: In Alerts and Known Issues...

    I wish there was an overall Dashboard of some sort, reflecting overall Status -

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  • jacobs
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    Ps56k2 said:

    I wish there was an overall Dashboard of some sort, reflecting overall Status -
    I think that's a great idea. It would help with searching through lots of messages. It would also help if the moderators were then able to post more known issues. We see that generally large financial institutions get posts in Alerts and Known Issues, but many times smaller institutions are known to have a problem but they don't want to "clutter" the Alerts section with too many posts, so it's not noted there. And easy-to-scan dashboard would make it possible to list many more institutions in a place users could quickly skim. the dashboard listing could include a link to the appropriate thread on this Community Forum for whatever details are known.
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