2 longstanding issues with reports: printing and exporting to Excel

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Screenshot # 1 (image.png) is a sample of what I hate about exporting reports to Excel. I need my split information - that's why I bothered to enter it - but when I send my report to Excel, it is unusable without much cleanup -- because of those yellow highlighted areas. The one representing data on a split that should be duplicated but is, instead, omitted, is my biggest complaint (the other stuff is easy to clean up). I complained about this months ago, others have complained, some have written macros but my data is different every time and I don't want to have to deal with this. Quicken, create usable CSV or Excel exports from reports.

Screenshot #2 (q2.jpg) is a sample of what I hate about printing any of my reports. No matter what options I enter on the left (and I'm not a noob, I've been using Windows and printing stuff for decades), the right looks like this. I have no idea what my report is going to look like, or how to get it to look like what it SHOULD look like. I've also complained about this, in the past, with no usable answer from Quicken.

I had high hopes that the move from Intuit might resolve these issues, but nothing yet?

Quicken Classic Premier (Windows) R52.33


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    I second EmKay's comments. I do make nasty comments each time I have to clean up a report in excel that I must process in excel because Quicken Reporting is so unreliable. Also there are reports that should be in Quicken that are not so I must export to excel.
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    For item #1, there are some ways you can work around this in this Idea post

    Don't forget to vote on the idea if you would like Quicken to fix the export format. To vote, click on the little up arrow under the number in the big blue box

    For #2, this issue affects the print preview but not the printed output, right? If so please see this post
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    On #1, you’ll see that I commented on the thread you linked to. I’m sure some of the ideas there may work. I shouldn’t have to waste my time making them work. What finance software can’t export well to CSV or Excel?

    On #2. I’ll take a look but, again, I shouldn’t have to change my overall text size to get a realistic print preview. It’s unreasonable that quicken hasn’t fixed this years-old problem. And I don’t know if if it affects printed output - I never print because I don’t want to waste my paper and ink when I don’t know what it I’ll look like.

    If really like to hear from Quicken on these issues.

    Quicken Classic Premier (Windows) R52.33

  • Beach Bunny
    I've been using Quicken since the 90's, and have printed out a year-end report every year. When I tried printing out my 2020 Category and Transaction report for our Accountant, the print is too tiny. After spending an hour or so with Quicken Support, he gave up. It is impossible to customize the size of print on a report. Please fix it!!!
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