Ho do you insert a custom report to a view

So I created a new view from the Home Tab looking to insert some of the custom reports/graphs I saved. However, when I select 'Customize' to add a report, my saved reports are not an available item. Is there no way to display your saved reports on any of the Home Tab views?


  • Valderi
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    I don't think you can do it that way. I suggest to customize your Toolbar instead.
    To do so, you right click anywhere on your toolbar and click on "Add or Remove Saved Reports". From there, you select your saved report. 
  • UKR
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    Just for reference:
    If you have many saved reports and the Quicken Toolbar is not wide enough to show them all, please try this:
    • Add a Reports & Graphs Center icon to the Quicken Toolbar.
    • To access a saved report, click this icon.
    • When the Reports & Graphs Center view opens, select from your My Saved Reports
  • Bob_L
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    You can also add folders of toolbar reports to the toolbar.  Go to reports & graphs center.  From there you can group reports into folders and then add them to the toolbar via the Manage Toolbar Reports button at the bottom left of that same reports & graphs form.

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  • rsancraint
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    Thanks all for your replies. I have some toolbar reports already but was looking to have them shown automatically in one of the Home tab views I created. I find it odd you can add a new view on the Home tab but can't include your custom reports, only the already named pre-selected by the software. The more I use this software the less I like it.
  • Tom Young
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    "I find it odd you can add a new view on the Home tab but can't include your custom reports, only the already named pre-selected by the software."
    With most if not all of the "canned" reports available to you there is the ability to customize what's presented.  You can click the little gear wheel in the upper right hand corner to see customization is available. 
    Perhaps you can customize the canned reports to mimic some of your customized reports?
  • rsancraint
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    Yes, that is what I did. However, then all reports on this particular view are named the same but with different content. I like to track separate 'Income vs. Expenses' associated with my finances. Rental expenses vs. rental income, employment expenses vs. employment reimbursement, everyday expenses vs. employment income, etc. I know my eyes can quickly look at the content and see what which report is which, but the fact you can't rename them to the content they represent is irritating.
  • edgemail
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    I second the commens by rsancraint. Please add feature to select a user's customized reports (from "My Saved Reports"). I have them grouped in "May Saved Reports" as "folders" using one criteria. I want to group them by a second criteria on a custom view. That means, when I selected a custom report from "My Saved" I need to be able to select a report, not a group of reports.
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