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I've been trying to reconcile the lots of one of my stocks between Quicken and my brokerage account. I use specific identification to establish the lot(s) being sold. I've come to the conclusion that something isn't working right in Quicken. Here's what I'm experiencing. I sold all available shares from one purchase date on one day. When I look at the shares available from the same purchase date for a sale on the next day, there are now 200 shares available to sell. I'm trying to figure out where the 200 shares came from and how to get rid of them. I have my preferences set to show hidden transactions. I have also run the "rebuild investing lots" utility from File/File Operations/Validate and Repair.

Also, my total holding shows the right number of shares. When I expand to see the lot detail, the extra 200 shares show up, but aren't included in the total.

I'm baffled and would appreciate any suggestions.


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    I suggest you go back to your very first sale of that security, review each sale from there making sure the correct lots are specified each time.  Hopefully, you'll find one to correct that will clear the cycle.  
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    Thank you for your response. I pored over the several lots that aren't making sense. It seems as if there were lots specified and then later changed that are "sticky". I found that if I try to reset selections and then reassign lots, the problem only gets worse - that is, I end up with more shares in the detail than in the total. The logic in Quicken simply doesn't appear to be working.
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    I have the same issue. In the holdings I show the proper total of a given stock that I own. When I expand that stock to see the purchased lots, I see 2 extra lots of sock that were sold months ago. When I sell the active lots the holdings go to ZERO. Puchase more stock of the same stock and I see the extra lots again.
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    If redoing (editing) sales from first to latest to make sure lot specifications are correct does not clear the problem, my next step would be to copy the file and run a File Validation on the copy including the rebuild lots option. 

    Still not there?  I'd start deleting and re-entering sale transactions.  
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    I've had the same issue over time, but given that the brokerage firm is the 'system of record' and is used to generate the reporting to the IRS (and not Quicken), I've just "let it go".  Not with the time and effort to delete and re-post transactions just so it matches what the brokerage maintains.  
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    I was having this same issue this morning showing more sales but stock quantity was right. The issue is Quicken doesn't remove the lots when entering transactions, if you pick the wrong lot on previous transaction. Now the average cost of the stock is wrong and cannot figure out a way to fix it. I day traded the stock in the attached file and what is shown is what I should have. This account is an IRA so first in first out doesn't matter on tax paper.
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    It is certainly odd that the average price per share would be higher than the share price of any of the individual lots.

    If you add the cost basis column, what does that show? It should be $137,924, and should be the sum of the bases of the lots.

    Please explain what you mean by "doesn't remove the lots when entering transactions"
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