One step Update keeps requesting password for closed account

Two weeks ago, the one step update started asking for the password to an account that's been closed a couple years (at the Bank and in Quicken) -- a PNC Bank account. I've verified that the closed account is not listed in the update list and that online services have been deactivated on it. Each time I do an update, I have to cancel the password request. The other active accounts do get updated properly. It's just annoying to have to be presented with the closed account's PW request each time. Anyone know a way to reset the one step login so that it clears out this closed bank account?


  • bumgarb
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    I'm having a very similar issue only it is an Ally account and the account is still active. Even with the account deactivated in Quicken, it still asks for the password. When the account is activated in Quicken, it still asks for the password even though it is stored in the Vault. Whether I enter the credentials or not for Ally, this issue prevents 3-4 other accounts from updating. Saw your post just as I was going to complain about this.
  • Sherlock
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    I suspect you had enabled the Express Web Connect connection method for use with the account and, although though you deactivated theOnline Service for the account in the file, the account exists at the Express Web Connect servers.

    I suggest you deactivate the Online Services of all the registers using the Express Web Connect connection method.  If the issue persists, contact Quicken Support and ask them to reset your profile:

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