Why can't a different user on the same PC access the most recent file?

I set up Quicken on our family PC under my logon, but even though I've granted full-permission to my spouse & daughter, they cannot access the most recent saved file.


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    The easiest way to share your Quicken data among family members using different logons would be to move it out of your personal folder and into a Public folder.
    E.g., move all files currently in \Users\Mervin\Documents\Quicken to \Users\Public\Documents\Quicken.

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    > @"Rocket J Squirrel" said:
    > The easiest way to share your Quicken data among family members using different logons would be to move it out of your personal folder and into a Public folder.E.g., move all files currently in \Users\Mervin\Documents\Quicken to \Users\Public\Documents\Quicken.

    What about Quicken data file corruption? For example: What if PC User#1 opens the Quicken data file, makes changes to the file then walks away from the PC, the PC enters sleep or hibernation mode. Then, PC User#2 logs into the PC, and accesses the same Quicken data file; making different changes to it? Won't the Quicken data file get corrupted?
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    By default, Quicken installs the QDF data file in the Documents folder (PC) of the user that installed the program however; I want to set up my Quicken data file so that all users of a PC can access the same QDF data file when logged into their own (separate) user account/profile and work independently on the same financial data. Is this safe to do, or could it result in data file corruption such as when simultaneously accessing a QDF data file over a network?
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    First let me state that if all the users are accessing the data file from the same machine and the data is on that machine then you are not accessing over the network.

    This is important because it is discouraged of accessing the data file over the network because there's no way for Quicken Inc to know how reliable your network is.  By definition Network doesn't define the exact connection method or operating system or basically anything that would tell if this is 100% reliable like a disc or very unreliable like a flaky Wi-Fi connection.  And Quicken has no built-in error correcting for read and write errors.

    With that out of the way let's talk about multiple users on the same machine.

    Of course Quicken isn't set up for multiple users to access the data file at the same time.  But there isn't any problem with different users accessing the same data file at different times.

    Now on the concern that one person opens the data file and leaves it open and another user tries to access it.  When Quicken opens the data file there's a lock put on it.  If a second person tries to open that data file while the first person still has it open the second person will get an error trying to open the file.  This will not cause any kind of corruption.
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