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Last year, I purchased an online account with Quicken, mostly so that my wife and I could both access our data from wherever we were. However, we never used any online functions, including accessing our data. Now I got an automatic renewal. Do I need to renew? I get pop ups to login, but never do so because I hate the idea of handling my financial data on a website. In fact, sadly I don't even need to share with my wife anymore, so really all I need is Quicken on my machine. Bottom line. If I cancel this renewal, will I lose anything other than services that I never use and don't want? Thanks for any help you can provide.

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  • Studpup
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    If you only need quicken on your machine, you're not using "starter", and you don't download data from banks, etc, you can let your subscription expire. You do get a "expiration banner" though. But your program will work fine on your computer.
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  • sjkemp62
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    Thanks Studpup. I went into My Account and cancelled the autorenew. Is it possible to get a pro-rated refund for the remainder of the year I just paid for? I've never used the online features, other than to be annoyed by the popups trying to get me to login. I am glad to be "stuck" with the version of Quicken that I now have.
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    This is a community forum composed mostly of users and a few Quicken moderators. The only way to get a refund would be to contact support and plead your case.  Depending on how recently it was and what your story is, they might be able to do something.  

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  • sjkemp62
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    FYI, I wrote a three sentence chat to Support and got a full refund of the auto-renewal. Simple and satisfactory. Thanks for your help.
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