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I can't update my accounts since last week. I deleted, reinstalled got the access ID and Pin. Used USAA new, tried express and DC. Either a cc-503 with express web connect or "Sorry, We encountered an error/not your fault. and additionally "you're locked out...get access and pin"

What to do?

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    CC-503 error code (See attached jpg). Although I have followed all the instructions and am using the newly assigned Access ID and Access PIN, I still cannot get Quicken to connect to USAA's NEW server. I seem to get hung up when, after entering my Access ID and Access PIN, a screen pops up asking me to enter a PIN (because USAA requires more information). I've tried using the Access PIN, my regular USAA PIN, and 00000. However, none of these work. Does anybody know what I'm supposed to enter?
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    Exactly what I'm experiencing. I'm giving up for a few days. It's so frustrating!
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    I also seem to get the Allow Quicken to access your USAA information page on USAA. I click Allow and NOTHING happens. I don't know where the glitch is.
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    It still is broken today
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    If you are going the path of adding the account and getting the second "enter PIN (0000) if you don't know it" error, you are using the incorrect connection method to connect Quicken to USAA.

    After removing the online information for all USAA accounts, do not try to enter the information in the 'Account Details' window. Instead, select Tools->Account from the main menu bar. Search om USAA. You should see "USAA Federal Savings Bank - New". Select 'Advanced Options'. Select the 'Direct Connect' radio button. Hit Next.

    Be forewarned, after you enter your ACCESS ID and ACCESS PIN, you will likely get the following error:

    You're locked out due to multiple tries, you'll need to verify your information. Get Access ID and PIN here https://..... {the URL points to the page to get the ACCESS ID and ACCESS PIN retrieval page.

    Based on my experience, the "lock out" a result of multiple attempts against the "PIN (0000)" attempts. The root cause, no one being told (at least initially) to use the Quicken Direct Connect method (vs. Express Web Connect).

    I have multiple tickets in against the "account locked" problem.

    Good luck!
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