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  • Linda D
    Linda D Member
    Is there a way to enable the report notificaiton on the Mac Version? I too am no longer notified and able to print a reconciliation report and this preferences screen I cant find on the Mac version. Thanks!
  • Hi Linda, I'm a Windows user, can you find the MAC preference under the Edit>Preference as Sherlock mentioned in his reply to me above?

  • JanH
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    Was there an answer for printing a reconciliation report (like with the old Quicken) on the Mac Quicken Deluxe version?
  • jacobs
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    There is no reconciliation report in Quicken Mac at this time. 

    There is an Idea thread requesting this functionality, and I suggest you take a second to visit that thread and add your vote if you want to see this capability added to Quicken Mac. The idea is marked as "Under Consideration," which is somewhat positive, but more votes can help it move up the priority list of the hundreds of feature requests the developers are constantly evaluating to decide what areas of the program to work on next.
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