Connection Issue - "ELGA Credit Union - NEW"

Hello Quicken Community!

I'm trying to connect to my credit union (ELGA Credit Union - NEW) and can't. I've spoken to my bank and to Quicken chat support and still can't.

Here's the situation.

If I choose direct connect, I get "Your one-time pin has expired, please call ....".
If I choose express web connect I get a CC-501 error, but according to the logs (Quicken Support had me pull them up), the bank is still returning that same message.

The problem? No one at my bank has ever even heard of Quicken requiring a pin, one-time or otherwise.

So my bank is utterly confused, Quicken support isn't interested ("not a Quicken issue") and I'm at a loss.



  • Sherlock
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    If registers for the accounts associated with the financial institution already exist, I suggest you deactivated the Online Services of all the registers associated with the financial institution and clear the name of the financial institution on the General tab of the Account Details window.  When you subsequently sign in to the financial institution's web site, download the available transactions for an account, and import the QFX file, Quicken should allow you to specify an existing register or to create a new register.  At this point, you may be able to enable Direct Connect or Express Web Connect connection method.  If successful, Quicken should provide the list of accounts it found and enable you to link the accounts to existing registers or add new registers.  Otherwise, you should be able to continue using the Web Connect connection method until the financial institution corrects the Direct Connect service issue or Intuit addresses the Express Web Connect issue.
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