Citi Card download fails

Have not been able to download transactions from Citicard account since 1/29. Getting an error message that speaks to a syncing going on for cloud services that should only take a few minutes. It never finishes. Consistently runs in the background affecting other downloads that do come through eventually. Have rebooted Quicken, PC numerous times.


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    If the Quicken process terminates abnormally, there is a risk the Quicken file or the program's other data files have been corrupted.  I suggest you perform a clean uninstall, install. update. and restore a backup of the Quicken file saved before Quicken abnormally terminated.  If you haven’t already, you may want to review:  To update Quicken, I recommend you download and apply the Mondo Patch:
  • Quicken is not terminating, Quite the opposite. I have to go through Task Manager to shut it down. Says it won't close due to updating in process.
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    jwolf1123 said:
    Quicken is not terminating, Quite the opposite. I have to go through Task Manager to shut it down. Says it won't close due to updating in process.
    When we use the Task Manager to shut it down, we are terminating the process abnormally.  So not quite the opposite.  I suspect the Quicken file or the Quicken environment may be corrupt.  Even the cloud account associated with the Quicken file may also have been corrupted and may need to be reset or deleted.  If you haven't already, you may want to review:
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    I was getting a 502 error from Citi Cards for days and found that they had switched login from Web Connect to Direct Connect. Once I switched, everything worked out.
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    I have had the same question (getting an nonsensical error about "Wareki years" (again), on Mac. When I tried switching to Direct Connect from Quicken Connect, I got the following message from Citi:

    "We've recently updated our online banking experience. Ton continue using this app, you'll need to relink the app to your Citi account. you can complete this at As a reminder, only credit card accounts can be linked."

    Gods help us from companies "updating your online experience!" I'll try the recommended fix... or try delinking/relinking something that worked fine up to now.
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    OK, the web address at Citi does not work (it says the system is unavailable, even though I'm logged on and it works fine, when I give that URL).

    Delinking and relinking produced a different error: "Sync Error: Quicken encountered an error while communicating with our serviers..." AGGREGATOR_IN_ERROR (CP_SCRIPT_ERROR:ccscrape.163).

    Looks like there are changes going on at Citi that Quicken has not yet updated for... (sigh). If things go as usual, Quicken 'experts' will tell me to reinstall software, create new account, reinstall system software, buy new computer, etc., but usually waiting eventually solves these connection errors.
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    Hello Everyone, 

    We are currently seeing an increase in CC501 (Windows) or a ccscrape.163 (Mac). We are currently aware of the issue and are working on resolving it. We currently do not have an ETA on when it will be fixed. For any updates I would recommend following the main Citi thread down below. You can do so by clicking the star to the right of the title.

    Quicken Francisco
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