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How to list reconcile date in account list or register?

I know if I press CTRL-A I can see my account list and there I can choose the reconcile date. But right now I have my screen set up so that the accounts are listed on the left side and then details from the register on the right side.

What I'd like to see is if there's a way to list the most recent account reconcile date anywhere on the screen? Right now the only way for me to see that date is to press CTRL-A again or actually attempt to reconcile the account at which time the last reconciled date will be displayed.

So how do I make this field appear?



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    Hi @openroadsite,

    Unfortunately, the only places that the reconciled dates appear are on the "Account List" and in the "Reconcile" screen (Ctrl+R). 

    However, if you wanted to produce a report and manipulate that to use it as some type of scheduling control, you could "print" the "Account List" and "save it" (Q uses the "Export to" terminology) as a tab-delinited file - which then can be opened in Excel.  From there you can sort it to produce a listing of accounts by date last reconciled.

    Let me know if you have any followups or questions.


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  • I appreciate the quick response. I'm a bit disappointed as I wish this was a feature for those of us who manually reconcile. Would be nice to see which accounts are already caught up when working through the reconciliation process.
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