Safe to Delete old backups?

Yikes - cleaning up 2020 and moving backup to flash drive and it looks like I have backup data going back to 2018.... despite having the max set at "5".

Is it safe to delete those old ones...? There are about 135 in the folder..... oldest one is 96mb and my most recent, today 02-04-2021 is about 125mb.

I'm assuming it's safe to delete those old ones as the size keeps building and the most recent is largest. Just want to make sure.

Thanks! Newbie to the board, but user since 2007.


  • splasher
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    Each backup stands on its own, so you can delete the older ones.  I would keep some of the newer ones in case you might need them. 
    About using a flash drive, you need two so that all of your backups are not in one "basket" and alternate between them as you make backups.

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  • Manny K
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    Awesome. That's what I thought. Thanks for confirming and the tip of double flash drives.
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