Different Date Ranges Result in Different Ending Balance

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For checking account from Bank America: When I use the "prior 12 months" view the ending balance is one figure and when I use the last 60 or 90 days view the ending balances are far different. All prior dates have been reconcilled correctly. Why are the ending balances so differnt in differnt time frames? Which to relay upon for presently existing balance.


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    Another user reported a similar-sounding problem last week. I don't know if the problem was ever resolved successfully. You might want to look at that thread to see if it describes the same issue you are seeing. I haven't seen other reports of this, so it's clearly not a widespread problem, but there still may be a problem.

    What to rely on: I would clear all filters so it shows all dates in your register, and I would think that balance would be correct. If then changing the filter to Last Year or Last 12 Months or Last xx Days is changing the balance, there's something wrong going on.
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