Anyone having issues with transactions being dropped when sending file to ICloud?

Sometimes when I update my file to the cloud, when it is finished, I notice that is has dropped a transaction. Doesn't happen all the time, and it isn't the same transaction.


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    Yes and based on my experience it seems that the migration to the new synch and web functions wasn't quite ready for daily use.  Over the past three weeks I've had to reset my Web data more times than I can count because transactions were not flowing from Quicken to the Web and vice versa.  I will say it seems to be functioning better the past couple of days.  I would suggest resetting your web data and see if it improves.
    To reset your data:  Go to Edit/Preferences and then look for the mobile & web option.  Select "Reset your cloud data" 

    If you quicken computer data is the most up to I would select "No, just reset my Cloud data"

    Type Yes in the box.

    I hope this works and it is always prudent to make a backup copy of your Quicken data before trying this; just in case you needed to restore the old file.
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