Error OL-294-A updating from Fidelity

Laurel Cull
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There was an update today when I opened Quicken. Now I am getting OL-294-A error trying to update from Fidelity for several accounts. These accounts have 2 step authentication set up. My husband's account does not have 2 step authentication set up and his updates fine. The accounts with 2 step authentication updated fine before today. When will this get fixed.


  • Boatnmaniac
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    The OL-294-A error code means the financial institution server is down.  This is not a Quicken issue nor is it something the Quicken team can fix. 
    I got the same error code for Fidelity when I ran OSU this morning and I do not have 2 step authentication set up on my accounts nor was my Quicken program updated this morning.
    It's likely Fidelity is doing some system maintenance today.  It also appears that the issue might be hit or miss because when I've tried to update my wife's and my Fidelity accounts, again, my wife's accounts updated but mine didn't.  Since it is a Fidelity system maintenance issue, then the only thing we can do until Monday is to try updating later in the weekend.  If the problem still exists come Monday we should be escalating the issue back to Fidelity.
    You can read more about this issue at  (Note:  This Support article has some specific instructions for American Express but the rest of the article is applicable to all Direct Connect accounts.)

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