Why cannot enter stock split or exchange correctlty

Everytime I have some type of stock split or exchange, quicken cannot download correctlty the info and makes it impossible (or almost) to do manual changes in my registry


  • Tom Young
    Tom Young SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    "quicken cannot download correctlty the info"
    All Quicken can do is take the download at its face value and put it in the transaction list.  It's not intended that Quicken do a bunch of data checking and data massaging, the onus is on the financial institution to send you reliable information and sometimes they don't.
    In my opinion the very best approach to downloading investment information is to not let it be automatically accepted into the transaction list.  Instead you have that information settle into the Downloaded Transactions area and review each entry. 
    For most routine transactions you can simply look at each one and click on "accept."  But stock splits and fund exchanges, while not uncommon, are not "routine" and deserve to be investigated a bit before accepting them into the transaction list.  If you decide what the financial institution has sent you is correct, then accept the transaction.  If you decide what's been sent isn't correct, then one of the Quicken investing "wizards" can probably come up with the correct answer.
    If you have a recent event that prompted your post, then providing some detail - description of the event (security(s) name, date of transaction, nature of transaction) - and providing whatever the financial institution downloaded would be helpful.