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How do you rearrange the order of accounts in a split transaction? Payroll has changed the order of the deductions on my pay stub and I want the my split transaction to match. I could do it in Windows but I suspect that for Mac I will again hear the sad trombone, wa wa waaaaa.


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    You're correct that there is no way to change the order of the split lines of a transaction in Quicken Mac. The look and operation of the splits screen is one of the oldest parts of the code, coming from the 2010-predecessor Quicken Essentials for Mac, and the developers have yet to revisit it to revamp it. (There are other shortcomings, such as the fixed fields not matching the register's columns settings.) The developers have a massive wishlist of feature changes and improvements, and have put most of their effort into necessities over niceties… and this is one of the latter.

    That all said, I recently decided to re-do my paycheck splits for the same reason as you -- to make them match a changed pay stub. Even though I deleted most of the lines and re-added them, it took me less time than typing this message. ;) Take a screen shot of your current splits so you know the correct categories to use, and then just do it. It will take 2 minutes and you'll be done with it.
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    Here's the idea post on this to vote for this:


    Click the gray triangle under the vote count to turn it black.

    It's marked as under consideration, so hopefully it's coming some day.

    In the mean time, I agree with @jacobs. I've had to do this for paychecks and it didn't really take that long. Also, if you have lots of split lines and not too many to change, you can use the +/- buttons to the left of each line to delete the out of order ones and re-add them in the correct order. When clicking the plus button, a new split line is added immediately after the line whose (+) button you clicked.

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  • My split transactions are all at the bottom/end of my check register. Not where they should be by date? How can I get them to go back to date order with the rest of the transactions.
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    @Chief Wood Shaper  it sounds like you accidentally clicked on the heading for Category, which sorts the register by Category instead of date. To get back to normal date order, simply click on the Date heading. (Clicking it a second time reverses the date order.)
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