Why is today's Foreign Exchange rate applied to past dates on investment accounts ?

If I look at my investment accounts for Canadian and US stocks, for past dates, it appears that today's Foreign Exchange Rate is applied, instead of that of the rate on the past day 


  • Chris_QPW
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    Which Quicken Windows are you using, US or Canadian?

    The US version has no currency history so for it there isn't anything other than the current rate that it can use.  If this is for the Canadian version which has better multiple currency support and a currency history, well I can't answer for why it is doing this.
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  • BeeGeeWeeGee
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    Thanks for your reply. I am using the Canadian version
  • FrustratedinCanada
    You can correct the cost of security for the historical foreign exchange rate by selecting "Transaction Exchange Rate" on the customize menu of any of the Investment Reports. But this option is not available on any of the general reports. I consider this a huge flaw in Quicken if one is accounting for investments in an entity that needs a Balance Sheet.

    IMO, reporting the cost of a security at the current exchange rate serves no purpose at all.

    I only became aware of this issue recently although I have been accounting for investment holdcos for many years.
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