Can I just put my QDF file on a new computer and continue on from there?

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My old computer just died and I have bought a new one. I have to admit that it has been perhaps 2 months since I backed up Quicken (using Quicken file operation). However the night before the crash I did copy my entire "Document" folder which has my QDF file in it to an external hard drive. Can I just copy my QDF file on to the new computer, open Quicken and continue to operate? Would I be losing something compared to the backup file? Thanks.


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    They all are just "copies" of the normal QDF file itself.
    How did you get Quicken installed onto the new computer ?
    You should be able to just go to the Quicken website - log into your Quicken account -
    scroll down to the Download section - and click on the link to download Quicken.
    Of course you get the installer - so click on the EXE to run and install Quicken.

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    Thanks very much. It's very reassuring. Haven't installed Quicken yet...was pondering what to do on this dilemma first . But I had read that since I pay the annual fee it was free to download Quicken so I am not too worried about it.
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    A QDF-backup file is a duplicate of your QDF file as it exists at the moment of the backup.  It's NOT an "incremental backup", or anything like that.
    So, once you've got Q installed, and updated, on the new computer just use Windows to move the QDF to the new computer

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    There are a few things, such as printer settings, which are not stored in the QDF file. You should check and reset those as needed. Check all your preferences and settings to make sure they're the way you want them.

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