How do I search for amounts less than 500.00?

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Hi all,

- how do I search for amounts less than 500.00?
- how do I search for amounts between 500.00 and 1000.00?


  • John_in_NC
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    You cannot enter a search in this manner. The search field only finds text string or number matches.

    You can, however, use sorting to accomplish this. Make sure the Amount column is showing, and click on that header to make it the sort key. Then you can scroll to the desired amount (>$500) and see the transactions below or above 

    Tip: Once you find your desired transactions (such as the $500-$1K range), select them, and you can click on the date column header to return to that sort order. Do not deselect the transactions as they will still be selected. Immediately hit command+p, and you can print this as a report. (Note the middle dropdown option will want to be to print Selected Transactions only). Confirm, and then you can print (or open in Preview, save as PDF, etc.)
  • unfrostedpoptart
    Are you kidding? I've been using Quicken on Windows and Mac for about 30 years now and have paid you guys who-knows how much money and your financial program can't do this simple search? I'd like to know that it's at least on a list of features to add at this point with some kind of target date for implementation.
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    @unfrostedpoptart  Please calm down. You're not addressing Quicken management here; we're fellow Quicken users, trying to help each other. There are also a few Quicken moderators, but neither they nor we users are privy to the planning roadmap. And Quicken never gives timeframes for future features.

    You may feel this is a simple feature the program should have. (I agree that being able to either Search or specify report criteria based on an amount range would be useful, and is something I miss from the legacy Quicken 2007 program.) The problem is that there are user requests for more than 500 features or enhancements, and the developers have to sift through the requests to decide which ones are the most-requested, most-needed, most-impactful to work on. This particular feature is something I haven't seen a lot of requests for over the years, so my guess is that this either isn't on their radar or is somewhere low on the priority list. 

    Meanwhile, John above presented a way to reasonably quickly find all transactions in a price range and to print the results as a report if you want to. It's not optimal, but to me, it's a reasonable workaround. What are you finding to be inadequate about using this approach?
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