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John Kittel
John Kittel Member ✭✭
When I reconcile or update balances, the actual account balance from the bank no longer shows up in the toolbar. Previous to today, the online balances showed up in the tool bar, although they were incorrect. When reconciling, Quicken is only showing that the transactions were cleared, not reconciled.


  • John Kittel
    John Kittel Member ✭✭
    This is occurring with Canopy Credit Union Spokane WA
  • John Campbell
    John Campbell Member ✭✭✭
    Am having a similar problem with USAA. Now when doing a reconciliation, Quicken is including all pending transactions the Statement Ending Balance. This results in a value that can be quite different than the one for all posted (downloaded) transactions. Not sure if USAA is sending the wrong data field or if the problem is due to recent changes in Quicken. Result - can no longer get USAA Checking account to reconcile!! (Unless I go online, view all pending transactions and manually enter them into Quicken and then do a reconciliation.) Ugh!
  • NotACPA
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    "'Quicken is including all pending transactions the Statement Ending Balance"
    NO, USAA is downloading Pending transactions ... which they're not supposed to be doing.  This has previously been reported.
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  • John Kittel
    John Kittel Member ✭✭
    I had a chat with a tech who had me download another patch which solved my issue. You might want to pursue that,
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