Two Quicken Versions, Two Valid Licenses, Two Computers [edited]

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I have been using Quicken continuously since version 2 for DOS. Every single year, it gets more annoying and a poorer value. I have spent my entire career doing first Electronics Technology in the Nike Sport Research Lab, then switching to full-time PC tech support in 1993.

Today's question:

I have been using Quicken Home and Business for maybe 10 years now. I have now decided that I can get by with Starter, given the new predatory subscription model, and I have an entirely separate valid license for that product. I installed Starter on my laptop. H&B is installed on my desktop, but I have a drive letter on my laptop that's mapped to the C: drive on my desktop. When I did the Starter installation, Quicken went out across my network without my permission and trashed both my existing H&B installation on the Desktop, and the entirely new, separately-licensed Starter install on the laptop. In a nutshell, the new install was misidentified as H&B, but without the extra features.

After much effort, I now have the Starter on the laptop working, but when I run the H&B on the desktop to do Invoicing, it announces that I no longer have a license (I Do) and tries to con me into paying for a New Subscription License That I Neither Want Nor Need.

1) I have no need to manage my checking register on the old H&B. I neither need nor desire to do syncing with my bank in any way from H&B. All I want is the invoicing, as crude and limited as it is.

2) I have no need nor desire to use any of the H&B extras on the laptop, which has its own license, which has NOTHING to do with the perfectly valid license H&B license on the desktop.

Bottom line, my valid H&B license on the desktop has been STOLEN without compensation, and I want it back for the very limited use which I have described.

How do disentangle the two licenses, which Quicken has muddled?


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    On the H&B installation, go to Edit->Preferences->Quicken ID and login as different user.  Use the H&B Quicken Id to reset that installation to use the H&B subscription.

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