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I have a iMac using Big Sur. Will the latest quicken handle Apples command program? If yes, I would be importing from CheckBook Pro where I built the input for CheckBook Pro from my Quicken Mac program I had for 12 years. Will quicken import a QIF File. If yes, which of the quickens can produce Cash Flow Statements by month and categories. Also what quicken will produce a Balance Sheet? Thanks Nick


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    1. Sorry, I'm not sure what you mean by asking if Quicken will "handle Apples command program".
    2. In general, you cannot import a QIF file into Quicken Mac.
    3. Quicken does have a limited one-time QIF import into a new Quicken file (not for ongoing importing of transaction data) for users of Banktivity and MoneyDance. So if you can get your QIF files to precisely match the format of one of those programs, you should be able to import your data, with some cleanup afterwards.
    4. Otherwise, Quicken Mac only imports QFX files, separately for each account. There are converters you can purchase that will convert CSV, OFX, and QIF files to QFX so that they can be imported into Quicken Mac. (Aside from converting the format, the converter needs to spoof the ID of a financial institution which works with Quicken.)
    5. Quicken Mac (Deluxe or Premier) can produce Cash Flow statements by month and categories.
    6. Quicken Mac (Deluxe or Premier) can produce Net Worth reports (same as a Balance Sheet) as of any date, current or past, or over time intervals of your choice (e.g. by month, quarter or year).
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