Reconciliation History is greyed out

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Reconciliation History is greyed out on most accounts after I select a particular account. How do I get this to work properly? I am choosing a single account.


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    Is Reconciliation History supposed to be available on accounts under Investing?
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    @mvitulli  Reconciliation History is a brand new feature, so until you have reconciled at least once in an account, it will be grayed out because it has no history to display. Unfortunately, there's no way for it to go back to provide history of past reconciliations, because it wasn't strong that data. This is a feature that work from now going forward.

    That said, several of us have discussed in a different thread that it might be worth unreconciling everything in an account, then doing a single reconcile for everything (up to the most recent statement). The value of doing this is that Quicken will then store a history of every transaction previously reconciled; if you should ever in the future delete or edit an older transaction, the Re-Reconciliation feature will show you exactly what changed. (If you decide to do this, I suggest making a copy of your data file before proceeding, just in case you inadvertently get fouled up and make a mess of things.)

    As for investment accounts, all we know is that Reconciliation History isn't enabled for those accounts at this time. Data for investment accounts is structured differently than banking accounts, but it's not yet clear if the omission of Reconciliation History for investment accounts is (a) an error, (b) something which didn't get done in time for 6.1 but is being worked on for the future, or (c) something they don't plan to offer for investment accounts. I've submitted that question to the product manager, and we'll see if he offers a response.
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