Can quicken work for Apple card

Can quicken work for Apple credit card


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    Apple card
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    Yes. You can't login into Apple Card to download directly into Quicken, as you can with most credit cards, but you can log onto the Apple Card website, download a QFX file of your transaction data, and import that into Quicken.
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    Do you plan on correcting this in the near future ?
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    Correct what? You can download Apple Card transactions and import into Quicken.

    If you’re wanting direct connection to import from Apple Card into Quicken, that’s a question  you’ll want to pursue with Apple Card. It’s their decision, not Quicken’s, what they support. There’s nothing Quicken can do if Apple Card doesn’t choose to support a higher level of connectivity.
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  • Yes, quicken can import apple card transactions.
    1) Open quicken on your Mac
    2) Go to the Wallet App on your iPhone and select the Apple Credit Card
    3) Click on the "Card Balance" button below the credit card
    4) A new "Balance Details" window will open on your iPhone.
    5) Scroll down to "Statements"
    6) Select the statement you want to download.
    7) A new window will open with the statement you selected in step #6
    8) Select "Export Transactions" at the bottom of the statement.
    Note: Do NOT select "Download PDF Statement".
    9) A new "Select a file format" window will pop up.
    10) Select "Quicken Financial Exchange (QFX)"
    11) A new window will pop up on your iPhone giving you options as to where to send your QFX file.
    12) Select "AirDrop"
    Note: Make sure you have AirDrop enabled on your Mac and your iPhone. Also make sure that both your Mac and iPhone are on the same WiFi network.
    13) Select the icon for your Mac on your iPhone's AirDrop screen.
    14) On your Mac, a banner will open near the upper right side of your screen. Click on the "Open" button.
    15) The transactions for the statement you selected will be automatically imported into quicken.

    Note: If you miss the popup screen on your Mac, look in your Mac's "Download" folder where you will find the file that you just received via AirDrop.
    You can then go to your Mac's Quicken application and under the "File" menu select "Import- Bank or Brokerage File (OFX, QFX)... then navigate to the file you want to import from your Downloads folder.

    I hope that helped.
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    @wesley2021 You shouldn't need the iPhone and Airdrop part; you should be able to log into your Apple Card account on your computer, download the QFX file, and import it into Quicken. It just streamlines a few steps in your process.
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  • @jacobs Actually you do have to go through the iPhone Wallet app to generate a QFX file and then use something like AirDrop to transfer it to your Mac. The web interface at only offers PDF statement downloads, not OFX and QFX files. Unfortunately, these are still exclusive to the Wallet app on iPhone. 
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    @[email protected] Thanks for the information; I stand corrected. Wow, that's incredibly inconvenient forcing you to use an iPhone app to download your transactions instead of being able to do so via the website. No one needs the downloaded file on their phone; the only place people need a QFX file is on their computer!
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